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Do you import motorbikes?

March 20, 2020 in FAQ

We can help you import anything you could imagine. Our American division once imported a school bus – that was interesting.

In all seriousness, we offer a fairly comprehensive registration service for motorbikes. And we really do understand what motorbikes mean to their owners.

There is an old saying that’s four wheels move the body, and two wheels move the soul…

For riders, their motorbikes an extension of themselves and we understand that one tiny scratch or thing out of place with their motorbike is going to cause heartache.

Unlike most companies, we offer crated and uncrated motorbike transport at your discretion to get the motorbike into the UK.

Motorbikes are usually packed in a very specific way into the containers to avoid any damage. Often the containers have a frame built into them to support the bike (especially if you are shipping multiple motorcycles).

Straps are never placed in such a way as to add pressure onto the forks or suspension as this can cause damage in transit.

Once in the United Kingdom, we will help with the NOVA and any customs clearance required.

Depending on the age of your motorbike it will need either an MOT test or an MOT and MSVA test.

Motorbikes under ten years old will need the MSVA test.

At all stages of your motorbikes journey through to registration, we ensure only motorbike transporters are used. These are experts that make their living moving motorbikes – nothing else.

All modifications required to pass your registration can be undertaken by ourselves or trusted dealerships specific to the make of your motorcycle.

We would strongly advise getting in touch for a quote to register your motorbike in the United Kingdom – its a door to door service that takes the hassle out of importing one.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call.